1 Step Forward, 2 Scenic Steps Back

Firstly, I admit losing the battle of having the site up by the time I wished, php is not a language that I am fluent in. However, in lieu of taking an entire day buried in coding tutorials and books, it was time to get out and seek some inspiration and a little motivation for other projects to come.

I was biking all over town today, stopping here and there, seems like the storefronts are changing every week now, and decided to stop at the Downtown library and finally get my card. I think I’ve  found my new hangout. If ever you want to get a little illustration inspiration, there’s a pretty good comic collection, and if you’re into the more whimsical, the children’s section is perfect.

While there, I rediscovered a couple highlights from my childhood:

Rendition of Beauty and the Beast  from Marianna Mayer.

Mercer Mayer’s version of East of the Sun and West of the Moon (it’s a Norwegian folk tale, a more accurate version is the film The Polar Bear King if you’ve ever seen it). I loved it because the female turns into kind of a badass.

Alix Birenzy’s version of the Frog Prince (twist ending fairy tale).

What were your favorites?